How to prepare a three-story wedding cake

Are you ready to prepare the classical three-story wedding cake? These are the necessary ingredients:

* Three different sizes of molds of the oven
* The recipe for a cake to choose the flavor (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate ...). Keep in mind that the type of cookie that kitchen should be compact and solid.
* Icing the cake to cover as in the case of the biscuit, first choose the flavor. If you want, you can add the dye.
* Transparent film.
* Aluminum foil.
* Tools assembly plans: a plastic base table, separate plates (pieces of cardboard can be cut), two discs of sponge of the same size of the upper floors and sticks with the rounded tip. The plates and the bases must have the same dimensions of each floor.
* Pastry Utensils: a brush.
* Caramel syrup or liquid without dyes.
* Edible decorations.

Before you begin, it is important to define the amount of cake we want to achieve. A cake three-story round of 35, 25 and 15 cm in diameter for each is sufficient for 100 guests.

Another element to consider is the When preparing the cake. Will in fact be prepared a few days before marriage, while for the last time they are left only the coating and assembly.


* We prepare and put in the oven on each floor of the pie. Once cool, wrap them first in plastic wrap and then in aluminum foil. Finally, freeze it. The day before the wedding, each of the plans thawed at room temperature. We must consider that it takes from 11 to 12 hours.
* Take the base of the cake on the table collochiamola plastic apriamola the center. With the brush, pour the syrup over the cookie and then fill it and cover it with icing. Finally, let it dry. Perform the same procedure for each floor.
* Finally, assemble the layers. Insert in the base plane 6 sticks (plastic or wood) cut to the biscuit - on which we drew a circle at a distance of 7 cm from the center - and 4 poles at a distance of 5 cm from the center. Finally, we place the top floor, using as a separator of the veils of wafer cake.
* Intermediate step in the plan of six new sticks, on which we have drawn a circle about 5 cm from the center and 4 sticks of 3 cm from the center. Finally we place the top floor of entering a new host for the veils of sweets as a separator.

We have prepared our cake! Now we just have to decorate it. To do this, we use the same frosting or chocolate chips, flowers, satin ribbons ...